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Sept. 9, 2019

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This is just a short post to inform everyone who reads this about what this blog is about.  I believe I will use it to document my experiences getting a business off the ground, but I will also post tutorials and tech articles that I find interesting.  I will also use it to share news and other information with my customers.

The first thing I should do is introduce myself.  I am Corey O'Connor, the owner of Morning Joe Software.  I am someone who has a lot of experience working with computers.  I started being interested when I was in grade school.  The first experience I remember is with an Apple II computer where I typed in commands to make a turtle on the screen move.  Before I was in high school, I had a 8088 IBM PC I used for typing mostly.  I learned a few things about batch files.  Before I graduated high school. The internet was becoming a thing.  I decided to pursue my interest and eventually graduated with a BS in computer science.

My life was not easy after I graduated.  The area I lived in was economically despressed because 9/11 and the bust.  I had no professional experience in my field.  So, I worked different service jobs while looking for something better.  I eventually worked part time with a group of guys as an independent contractor for a couple years.  I hoped it would work out better than it did, but I lacked experience in many areas.

Fortunately, I have some family members that also work in this field (more or less).  I had an uncle that I used for a few leads which eventually led me to my last job.  I've held onto this position for over twelve years, gaining experience along the way.  Most of this experience was in .NET and Microsoft development.  Believe it or not, most of my experience before this position was with a LAMP application stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).  Most of my college courses used Linux for teaching their courses.  I developed many applications and learned .NET programming very well.

Recent events at my current job have made me reconsider many things.  For one thing, the hosting company in charge of keeping our Windows servers running were having diffculty keeping things running smoothly and one had a major security breach.  I decided if I was going to continue in this field of work, I should move toward something I can secure myself easier.  Security is extremely important and I plan on writing articles on it.  I found my current hosting company which is a Linux based hosting company.  I believe Linux is generally more secure than Windows.  Linux was designed from the start for multiple users with different levels of access.  Windows also has this, but has been constrained with compatibility with older software that was never designed with security in mind.  Also, with all the desktops running Windows, it is a larger target than Linux.  I believe Linux is the better and more secure server operating system if configured correctly.

For now, this business will be part time for me.  I am still working at my current job for now.  I will slowly develop a business plan.  I know the direction I want to go.  I believe I will base this business on e-commerce and blogs which will use a Linux, Nginx, Python/Django, Postgresql application stack.  Why I chose to go this direction is a topic for another article, but I believe there is bright future here.  I will also be open to PHP, MySQL, and .NET technologies if the need arises.  This host will support them.  I have flexibility going forward.

I hope I didn't go too far into geek territory.  Now that I've introduced myself, I will start posting different topics. 


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