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Oct. 7, 2019

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As I've indicated before, I have chosen to specialize with Django as my area of specialization.  I believe this is a underrated technology in the world of Wordpress, Wix, Drupal, and other CMS technologies.  The reason I chose this is because this isn't simply a CMS.  It is framework that can be used for many different puposes beyond the alternatives.

Django is based on a language called Python.  This language is a general purpose scripting language which can be used to develop many kinds of different applications.  Games and desktop applications are often developed in Python.  The same thing could be said of the .NET languages, but cross compatibility with operating systems other than Microsoft's has been unreliable until recently.  However, Python is very fast compared to other languages.  This makes it ideal for websites where response time is must.  One situation where response time is critical is in page ranks on the search engines.  A developer must consider carefully what to use to optimize search results.

Django is a framework based on Python.  It includes many features that are external addons to other frameworks.  For instance, Django has it's own administration program, user account system, builtin rss, and sitemaps.  It was also built to use less code than other frameworks to do some of the tasks that they do.   This makes website development time quicker for many websites.

It was built with websites that frequently update content in mind.  It was made simple and easy to learn.  It also have built in security features other frameworks do not have.  There is also a very good package manager that makes it very easy to extend Django projects.  Currently, Django is what Instagram and The Washington Post use for their websites.  Others such as NetFlix and Facebook have interests in this too.  While PHP is currenlty the most used, Django development has been growing over 20% each year for the past few years.  I see a bright future for this framework and I believe many people will move from PHP and .NET if they see the advantages themselves.

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